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About Wise Words

Wise Words is an innovative record label that has an umbrella of services that is designed to build a brand to enhance the world view on music through our products, services, & community outreach.
Wise Words is responsible for publishing and promoting positivity and making motivational and spiritual music.
Wise Words is a community of enterprises that currently offer Wise Work, Wise Productions, and Wise Products We are creating a foundation to build and change the world through music.
We are here to establish and create our stamp in the music industry by providing music, clothing & entertainment. Our primary mission is to be socially responsible by empowering communities through outreach, mentoring and other activities.

Corey Bapes

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We Also Offer

Photo Shoot


- Complete photo session

- High quality image 

Video Coverage


- Video commercials

- Two minutes and above video coverage

Entrepreneur Starter Kit


- Business registration

- Logo creation

- Business plan

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